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TitleKirkton of Mailer Burial Ground
HistoryKirkton of Mailer burial ground in Aberdalgie parish, Perthshire appears to have been in existence for over 300 years, the earliest extant stone dating from 1689. It was a private burial ground with lairholders paying subscriptions for its upkeep and was not attached to any parish or church. New subscribers were attracted in 1862 when improvements were made and a plan drawn up clearly stating the lairholders. Burial was to be open to all incomers to the area as well as to long standing families on payment of a subscription. A committee including treasurer and secretary was to be appointed to administer the burial ground. When Perth County Council took over the functions of parish councils in 1930 it took over many burial grounds but not Kirkton of Mailer because of its private status. The burial ground gradually fell into disrepair. An appeal was launched in 1937 and a sum of money was raised for renovations. The appeal was helped by a donation from the board of the Murray Royal Hospital in Perth when it was found that it was the birthplace of James Murray (late 18th-early 19th centuries), the founder of the Murray Royal. The County Council were approached to take over the burial ground but refused on the grounds that it was privately owned by the lairholders. Committee meetings were held until 1943 and attempts were made by the secretary, Andrew Dewar, to collect subscriptions until 1952. The last burial took place in 1964. The County Council again refused to take over the burial ground in 1973. It appears that there are now no persons directly interested in the burial ground, the original owners of the lairs have died and their families have ceased to uphold their interest. The burial ground is now in a state of disrepair.
DescriptionRegister of interments, 1862-1964; Cash books, 1913-1959; Subscription books, 1936-1954; Committee minutes, 1937-1943; Newscuttings, 1862 and 1891; Death and cremation certificates, 1867, 1891-1962; Plan of Kirkton of Mailer Burial Ground, 1862 (with additions); Treasurer's book for the Craigend District Hearse Association, 1850-1865.
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NA14817; Kirkton of Mailer Burial Ground Committee; 1862-19431862-1943
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