This glossary defines archaic words and phrases, mostly Scots law terminology, commonly found in our documents and records. For a larger resource go to the online Dictionary of the Scots Language, which contains Scots words and phrases, including legal terms.

It also includes definitions of archival terminology, although not all these terms have been used in this catalogue

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the name given to a decree of the Teind Court, determining the extent and value of the teinds due to be paid by a heritor.
a person to whom land is conveyed to be held by him from the landowner (the superior) for the payment of a yearly rent or feu-duty or the performance of some regular service to the superior.
vice, succeeding in the
"succeeding in the vice" takes place when someone arranges with a tenant who is to remove from the property he holds by lease, to take over his holding from him when he goes without the consent of the landowner.
any sort of grain or corn; "victual rents" are payments made in grain.
violent profits
dues payable by anyone possessing lands illegally; for example, a tenant who was supposed to leave his holding at the end of his lease, but didn't, would be liable to his landlord for the profits the landlord could have made if he had resumed control of the lands himself or leased them to another tenant.
not quite forgery but related to it; it means altering a document without the consent of all the parties to the document.
Simply a written evidence of payment.

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