This glossary defines archaic words and phrases, mostly Scots law terminology, commonly found in our documents and records. For a larger resource go to the online Dictionary of the Scots Language, which contains Scots words and phrases, including legal terms.

It also includes definitions of archival terminology, although not all these terms have been used in this catalogue

With thanks to the Scottish Archive Network

kain or cain
could be poultry or animals paid by a vassal to a superior as part of a feu-duty, but was more often poultry, eggs, butter and such things (even goose-feathers) paid by a tenant to a landlord as rent.
"kindly tenants"
were highly unusual.  They held their tenancies for a low or "favourable" rent (which included paying no rent at all), and it seems that, unlike normal tenants, it was understood that they could be succeeded in their holdings by their heirs. They were also called "rentallers".
chest; trunk; packing case; coffin.

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