This glossary defines archaic words and phrases, mostly Scots law terminology, commonly found in our documents and records. For a larger resource go to the online Dictionary of the Scots Language, which contains Scots words and phrases, including legal terms.

It also includes definitions of archival terminology, although not all these terms have been used in this catalogue

With thanks to the Scottish Archive Network

a piece of land to which a country minister had a right in addition to his stipend.
or sometimes 'gersum'; could be a sum of money paid or promised by a tenant to his landlord when his lease was renewed, or by a vassal to his superior when his right to hold lands in fee was granted.
cravat; scarf or muffler, usually woolen.
Great Seal
A royal seal, the Great Seal would be used for charters, treaties, grants of land, commissions to high officers of the Crown and other major state documents.
ground annual
an annual payment, forming a burden on land. A contract of ground annual was a form of heritable security.
ground mail, grund mail
payment for right of burial.
guids and geir
possessions (moveable as opposed to heritable).

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